Why SQL Injection Attacks Are Still Plaguing Databases

Published by IGI Global

This article describes how SQL injection has been a long-standing problem in database security. It is understandable why injection is considered number one because of the sheer number of web applications that exist currently. An injection attack can allow an attacker to gain complete access of a database which oftentimes contains sensitive information. This results in a loss of confidential information which places consumers at a huge risk.

Android Microphone Eavesdropping

Published by Springer

This research investigates the possibility for an Android application to record audio without the user knowing. The researcher proved this to be possible in earlier versions of Android. However, Google released Android 9.0 (Pie) and stated that with this update, apps running in the background cannot access the microphone. This broadened the scope of the research and the remainder of the time was spent attempting to circumvent this change. Through the development of a successful eavesdropping app prototype, the results revealed that the microphone can be accessed in the background of a device running Android 9.0.